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Sustainably designed products from Australia

JAU is proud to bring beautiful and unique designs from Australia to Japan – and we feel good about spreading the stories of sustainable products designed in Australia.

We want to share with Japan the ways some Australian designers are manufacturing products that either:

  • minimise waste
  • reuse waste
  • come from sustainable sources
  • maximise recyclability
  • biodegradability

Here we showcase some of our favourite designers and their products which have been designed with the environment and sustainability in mind.

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We plan to donate 1% of revenue to 1% for the Planet, an organisation that invests our donated money to help improve the environment on earth, to make it a better place for all.

Subtle Bodies

Renewable materials


by Courtney Gibbs and Tommy Ashby

Courtney Gibbs and Tommy Ashby are incense designers from Melbourne, Australia, focusing on using only natural woods and no added perfume or fragrance. The pair started their brand after being dissatisfied with the amount of chemicals used in most incense.

They ensure the plantations where the wood for incensed are sourced from are sustainably managed and not coming from illegal plantations and ensure that the wood is pure and not mixed with other woods. Giving their incense a strong, smokey and natural smell.

Henry Wilson

Easy to recycle

Made for life

By Henry Wilson

Henry Wilson, a designer from Sydney, Australia, is a master of monolithic, single material objects. A designer of Aesop stores and Aesop interior products, he has careful consideration for material when designing his objects.

Henry Wilson’s products have a simple construction, which allows the product to be easily taken apart for recycling. For example his lamps have no plastic or rubber seals, they are simply blocks of bronze or aluminium, the electrical assembly is very simple removed with just one cut of the cable with a pair of scissors.

Most likely, Henry Wilson’s objects will never see the recycling center as they will last a lifetime and passed down through many generations, as they are objects of practical use and beauty.

Read Henry Wilson's story

Addition Studio

Made for life

Easy to recycle

By Ryan Hanrahan

Story coming soon...


By Karina and Sam Seljak

Easy to recycle

Renewable materials

Recycled materials


Seljak blankets are the world’s most sustainable luxury recycled merino wool blankets.

Started by two sisters in Brisbane Australia, Sam and Karina Seljak – the blankets are made from recycled wool and other offcuts. Seljak will even collect your old wool blanket after the end of its life, and recycle it into a new blanket. Their story is filled with passion for the environment, human rights and combining this to create a high quality product.

Seljak’s blankets are large enough for a double bed and are used in boutique luxury hotels in Australia and around the world. Yoga studios, cafes and environmentally conscious businesses have also been bringing these blankets into their spaces.

There is simply too much information to share about Seljak here, so we suggest you find out more on their Japanese website here.

Visit Seljak's store


By Lauren Steller

Recycled materials

Easy to recycle

Designed by Lauren Steller in Melbourne Australia, she creates jewelry and household products using recycled aeroplane tyres and recycled rubber offcuts.

Her training as an architect has influenced her designs, as they take on architectural shapes, texture, colour and depth. Who would have known that old aeroplane tyres could be so interesting!?

Visit Champ's store


Biodegradable materials

Recycled materials

Renewable materials

By Lesley Williams

Lesley Williams is a terrarium designer from Adelaide, Australia, with other talents as an industrial designer, graphics designer, singer and music producer.

With her line of terrariums and planters for her brand Botanica, she created a philosophy to "bring the outdoors in", allowing anyone to grow moss and tropical plants inside their homes in a minimalistic, low maintenance micro-climate.

Her sustainable range includes terrariums made from recycled plastic, biodegradable cork and wood. The glass on the terrariums are skilfully hand blown and recyclable - the shape ensures condensation cycles back down to the moss. Moss is an eco-friendly plant to grow, it doesn't require fertilisers or pesticides when grown in the terrarium.

Visit Botanica's store

We plan to donate 1% of revenue to 1% for the Planet, an organisation that invests our donated money to help improve the environment on earth, to make it a better place for all.

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